Change does a body good


Spring is almost over and a new season is amongst us and that is Autumn  which is my favorite season out of all four seasons. With a new and changing season bring about change and transformations not only with the weather, the trees, the flowers, and so on. It also can bring about change and transformation within us such as our personal life, mindset changes, career, love life, money, etc. Change is good and much needed even more then you may think. I know that I am so ready for change and I have been working so hard to make different things in my life to change. I know that with the things I want to do I had to make some changes that was going to be very uncomfortable but I was ready for the challenge. I started slowly and one by one, one day at a time to do something differently that would help create the change I was ready to make.


Change is not easy but it is very much needed and I didn’t realize that the moment I started putting things in motion the flood gates opened and stuff started happening. One very important and exciting thing that happened was I finally sat down and put my thoughts to paper and I wrote and published my first book “Fearlessly Flawed: Tips to Living a Fabulous Life with Purpose & Living Life on Your Own Terms!” now available on Amazon for digital and paperback. Writing that back was the most rewarding thing I have done minus giving birth to my two beautiful daughters. My book is full of inspiration and motivation from a few stories I’ve share about my journey in my life. I wrote it with  women specifically in mind but anyone can get something out the book that ever felt like they have nothing more left in them to keep going , they are tired, they need a change, and they are ready to throw in the towel. I have gotten so much feedback of how reading my book has helped them to keep going and start living.


I have buried my fears and I have accepted my flaws and when those damn feelings try coming into my head I shake that shit off and go that much harder. I shared my personal stories and offered some solutions that have helped me along the way. I wanted to  help at least one women or anyone that needed that extra push but I can say that writing my book really helped me to get pass a lot of things that I was holding myself back from. Now I have excepted all the Flaws I have and I am no longer Fearful of anything that come my way! I was crawling but now I’m running towards my Passion and my Purpose. I am now speaking locally about these very things that I talked about in my book. Being able to create the life you have always wanted by changing your mindset and changing the things around you that are not positive or helping you to be better and do better is the first step to living your dream life.

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Peace & Blessings


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