Being Transparent is Good!!

Being transparent is scary it allow people to see your life in such a way that is very uncomfortable. I have always been a private person and on the outside I made it look like I had this perfect life and everything was great. I never wanted to let anyone know “ME” and even as I’m writing this I am having a hard time typing these words. I have only wanted to do good in my life and help other people that are or maybe going through a similar journey as myself. I have devoted my life trying to do just that. I was a nurse for 10 years, I always had a love for beauty and so I went to school to become a cosmetologist. I still felt that wasn’t enough and I went back to school and became a beauty school teacher. Being in the beauty industry was fulfilling and I knew I had found my passion.

I lived a great life and I had all the things I wanted. Fast forward some years I move to New York from Atlanta and start working for a major beauty school company making a lot of money living good. For a couple years I felt lost and I felt like even though I have this great job I am not doing what I am truly passionate about. Things at work became unbearable and I started getting harassed at wok and it was one thing after another. I took this as a sign that the universe was telling me to finally do what I have always dreamed of doing and that was the start of my business journey. I have always wanted to help others that doubt their greatness and having blocks and limiting beliefs that I was having.


I was so excited about my journey and knew that I would get out there and bam get all these clients and make all this money but NO none of that happened. On the outside things looked great and I looked successful but I wasn’t and I was struggling everyday and everyday I was becoming more and more depressed and things was getting bad between my husband and myself. I just couldn’t understand what was going on. I couldn’t even pay my bills and I had no money to pay my rent. I am like what did I do wrong maybe I shouldn’t have quit my job, maybe I should have just sucked it up and dealt with the bullshit at work. I continue to pretend like things were great all the while trying to get my business off the ground. How can I honestly help someone be the best version of them and live the life of their dream and have all these money problems and life issues myself and I am not living my true authentic self.

It is so hard to share with the world what is really going on in your life and it’s so shameful but in order to be true and real and help others be able to live their dream life. I want them to be true and real but I’m not  being be real so therefore I’m not being authentic. I want to  help women live their true life and make a shit load more money in the process.  I am human and even though I have been through a lot; I have a lot to offer and a lot to share. I know I have to be real, be transparent, be vulnerable! My life is an open book. Are you ready to change or are you ok with the way your life is right now? You don’t have to keep living the life you are living if it is not the life of your dreams. Be transparent and don’t be afraid to change! Trust me your career, your business, and your life will thank you for it later.
Peace & Blessings,



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