Let the Journey begin…



I don’t care if this isn’t all professionally done type of blog because I want to be as authentic as I most possibly can. I am just writing and sharing from my heart. I’ve told the world or at least I have told who ever read my book Fearlessly Flawed. I was worried about what people would say about me after they read my book but then I sat back and said to myself so what, who cares what others think of me. I left my job a few months ago to start my own event and coaching business. I had to take a step back and heal myself and life is starting to finally come together; I just have to focus more on what I want for my life.

I want to help people and my passion and purpose has been to live my life helping others get their super powers back. All my life I have be a giver to my to my family, friends, strangers, and anyone that needed me. I know my passion and purpose is for helping and that is what I will do. However, before I can help anyone else I have to start once and for all start helping myself. Starting today I am going to be my own client sorta speak and I will get me together, I will pay more attention to me, I will love me more, I will pamper me, I will treat me as a client and work on me. So everyday I will blog my feelings and healing. I am not doing this for followers or likes. I am doing this to hold myself accountable and to grow because I feel that if I share others will hold me accountable just because I put it out there. Maybe someone else need an accountability partner too so we can be in this together. I am tried of being tried and I am saving my own life…will you enjoy me on this exciting journey.

I have allowed negative people in my life for far to long and I have allowed fear to hold me back from many things. Today I break free from everything that has caused me pain, self doubt, and etc. Today I heal, today I live, today I love, today I grow, and today is good. Who is with me? Who id ready to walk in their purpose?

Leave a comment or your thoughts below I would love to what you have to say and what you’re thoughts are.

Peace and Blessings,



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