Don’t give up!



June 25, 2015, I left my job teaching beauty at a very well known Beauty school to work full time in my Image business. It seem like the best idea since while working full time teaching cause my Image business to operation on a less then part time scale. I was losing clients and potential clients. The day I left my secure job I felt like I was in cloud 9 I knew my business would take off and I would be having money coming in left and right. Oh boy was I so very wrong.

Fast forward to July 2016, I have struggled, been depressed, frustrated, mad, stressed out, even suicidal. I was trying to make ends meet. I was taking any job that I could get no matter what the job were (legal jobs only). I was ignoring phone calls because I knew it was yet again another bill collector trying to get paid with money I don’t have. Every month I would manage to come up with the money to pay my portion of the rent, pay the phone bill, and barely buy food to be able to cook dinner.

Now is September 2016 I have looked back on these last few months and even though I am  no where close to where I want to be in my life and just last week I had a huge break down; I have made a promise to myself to be strong and focus on me and my business and I am doing that every single day and you know what things are looking up. Every day is a chance at a new and better life then the life that was mine the day before.

I have been journaling everyday since I’ve decided to have a mindset change. Some days are better then others but I’m here and I’m moving forward! I know I was put in the earth for a purpose and I’m ready to fulfill that purpose!

Peace & Blessings,





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