You are Beautiful 



Being told most of your life that your not pretty, your to skinny, you to dark, and so on and so will make you grow up not feeling worthy of all and what you truly are. It lowers your self-esteem, keep your head hanging down, not smiling, but most importantly it takes away your beauty and then you start wishing you had someone else’s life or beauty. I will admit at one point this was my life but the moment I started feeling and thinking differently about myself is the day I seen everything that was and is beautiful about me!! I didn’t need to pretend to be someone else or surround myself around people that wasn’t true. The ones that would smile in your face and talk about you as soon as you turn around. 

I started loving myself and soon my life started changing little by little. The right people came into my life. Great things started happening for me and opportunities came to me left and right. 

Don’t ever let anyone make you feel less beautiful then you truly are! Own it walk with your head held high, smile often, flip your hair from side to side. Look in the mirror and blow some kisses at the women you see looking back in that mirror. Do something special for yourself for no reason and love life to the fullest!!! Surround yourself with other women that feel the same way you do and start the movement!! You deserve the best so you must be the best and know you are the best!! #girlsruntheworld #love #yougogirl #selflove #fierce #fabulous #girlonfire #femalebusinessowner #sexymomma #sobeautiful #beautywithoutbunnies #womenempowerment


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