Be who you are!!!

I use to hide who I was and be like all the other girls growing up because I wanted to fit in and be liked by the other girls and even as a young adult I would hide who I was to fit in or be apart of the “in crowd” it wasn’t until I went through some major changes in my life that I found myself and realized that being me the real me is a wonderful thing and I loved me so much that being different was a good thing. 

So I flaunt my long groomed Locs. My beautiful chocolate skin full of body art (my tattoos). My slim body type. My crazy sense of humor. My sensitive personality that can go from “Zero to 100 real quick”. And my passion for make those women around me feel as fabulous as they should at all times!!! I am so ok with being different because no one can do it as better as me!! 

I say to all the women that have ever felt like I did or if your still feeling it now. Stop be different love who you are and don’t apologize for being you and most importantly surround yourself with others that are like you and don’t give a damn what no one else says or think!!! 


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