Your Story + Your Brand= SUCCESS!!


Have you looked at a few of your favorite brands and wondered how in the world do they have such a large following or who did they get so many clients in such a short amount of time? Well, there are a few reasons how but one of the main reasons is their story. A brand/business connects with their ideal client or customers is by way of the story. When your story becomes a connection to the client or customer they want to know more about you and in return they want to know more about your business and how you can help them. Having a great product or service is great but if you don’t connect with the people that you know could use your product or service then you are working harder to sell what you have.


If you lay down your pride and be very authentic with yourself and your ideal client you will find that your life becomes happier and your business start to generate the income you have been wanting. Getting real and telling your story is very important in building the type clients you want to service and building your brand and your business. Remember your story is really apart of your brand and your business.

I want to be open and share my story because of my story is where I got my passion for wanting to help other women through beauty services, education, and creating a mindset to change their life. I hope that in sharing my story it help those reading this and maybe I can help you so reach out and let’s chat!!!


My mother was a hard working single mother with 3 children and as far as I can remember my mother struggled. Everyday was a struggle their would be times that we would eat and she wouldn’t simply because there just wasn’t enough left for her to eat. Hear her cry at night when she thought we were sleeping and so on. Being the oldest I watched my mom work herself to the bones to provide for us.What kind of life is that for a kid; I knew that when I grew up I definitely didn’t want to be a mother if this is what it was like to have kids.

Throughout my life I had been taken advantage of physically and jumping in and out of relationships trying to find that one true “something”. Really took a toll on me it had a huge impact on and in my life throughout my teen years andante my adult life. Not feeling special, not feeling wanted, not feeling loved, not feeling pretty, not feeling worthy, low self-esteem, not loving myself, and not feeling like I deserve better and more.

It wasn’t until the end of my marriage when I got divorced I finally realized that all of things I had been told and telling myself was far from true. I worked very hard, created a blueprint, and changed my mindset about who I was and who I am. I believed I was beautiful, I believed I was smart, I believed I was worthy of everything I wanted more than I have ever before in my life thus far.


I started thinking differently, dressing differently, speaking differently, walking with authority, I found “ME” and I started really loving me and my life has never been the same since. Doors opened and I started living my dream life with success, love, passion, and income increase monthly. I knew what I wanted and I knew what my passion was I had a voice , talent, and a story and I knew I had to share it to help other women that had either my same story of a story similar. To help women take back their life and find “THEM” again and start living them dream life. Through all my hard work, experience, soul searching, money invested, and researching for over 20 years Beauty without Boundaries was created and born!

Beauty without Boundaries is for women in the beauty industry to help them create a passion-driven, successful, unique beauty business and a lifestyle with no boundaries, by creating a Unique Client Experience, Image Branding, and Online Marketing Strategies that will allow them to live the life of their DREAMS!!

Comment or contact me if my story resonate with you in anyway or pass this one to someone that you thing could use an uplifting word!! Let’s chat!!

With devotion to your success,


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