Be Aware Beauty Professionals there’s Scammers out there!!!


Hello I’ve been so busy working on my business it’s crazy. I will admit I did have alittle  bit of a break down yesterday. I cried a while and then I did what Taylor Swift said to do “Shake it Off, Shake it Off” I today I went head first and all day today I’ve been working on the business. I am so proud of myself I made an app for my business once I get it published to App Store (iPhone) I will be sharing it!!! 

Another exciting thing that happened today was I have a class I’m doing and I have made it live on Event Brite just a couple days now the class is called “Double your Income in Less Time: Advanced Micro Bead Technique for all hair textures and it’s almost sold out  the class isn’t happening until August 23. I’m just so excited and happy how things are moving for my business!! The universe is being so great to me!! 


I want to help people so bad and I am working towards making this happen. One step at a time. Starting and running a business is not an easy task and so very hard but it is all worth it knowing that I’m working hard for ME and my business and not for anybody else. I am my own Boss!!!



Ok, so the scammers have gotten real smart now. On Monday morning I got a text from a “Nancy” that’s what “she” said her name was anyway, Nancy said she has 6 women want to come to me and ave their hair done full head highlights and haircuts and if I cold do and what my prices was for all 6 women. I went back and forth through text and I to be totally honest I felt like it was a scam but I wanted to see how far this was going to go. We got to the part that I was waiting for after about 10 mins of going back and forth with texting. “Nancy” then said so add the drivers fee in with your fee charge $1500 and when the funds clear take your amount out and send the rest to pay the driver. Wait..say what!!! Yes I don’t think so mister scammer I didn’t even text back anymore after that; that’s a rap.




Well what’s so funny is on Tuesday I had lunch with a good friend of mine and we was talking and I brought up the scamming text and Oh WOW!!! She said she got the same exact text on the same exact day and time sending the same exact text and what really crazy is her friend also got the same text a week prior. We are all in the beauty industry doing hair. I asked where did they get my info and “Nancy” said from google which then lead “her” to my styleseat page. 




I just wanted to share this with everyone the text messaging between “Nancy” and I. I want to especially make sure that if your a hairstylist and/ or if you know someone that’s a hairstylist pass this info on to them. The people are getting more and more creative on how to scam people out of there money and if your not smarter then them they will get you and you will become a victim!! Be aware and stay alert the bad creepy people are EVERYWHERE!! 



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