My 4 days of reflection

 So sorry I haven’t been keeping up with my day. I am so behind about 4 days life has been so all over the place for me. This is what has been going on with me lately. Back track to last week so I had a breakdown I was just so overwhelmed about not feeling like I wasn’t making any progress in building my business. I took a step back I mean way back!!! This truly helped me and maybe it will help you as well. I thought back to when I was a child when I dreamed big and I wasn’t afraid of anything!! You know when you were a child your dreams of what you want to be when you grow up was so big no one couldn’t tell you, you can’t do that because you would tell them without batting an eye “Oh yes I can!!!” You knew as a child what your purpose was and what your passion was even if you didn’t know what purpose and passion even meant. 

That’s exactly what I did last week and I tell you the light bulb went off and I had a sense of purpose running all through my body!!! I needed that break though so bad!!! I’m telling you try it if your feeling lost or at a road block where you just don’t know what your doing in your career or your life try that little exercise. Think but to when you were a child what gave you the most passion write things down brainstorm those things on paper. From that you will then know your purpose and you can move forward from there 

So now I’m pumped and I’m writing my plan and now I’m working my plan yay!!!! Insight is a wonderful thing!!!


My husband and I go to Prospect Park every Saturday and run for me running is very therapeutic I can do some deep thinking. I brainstorm a lot of things for my personal life and my business. Anyway, as were are running guess who is also running in the park Kevin Hart. I has taking his star status to another level. He is a lifestyle provoking man and this is great there was like 1000 people out there running with him 5k run. 


Find something that gives you pleasure and let it be apart of your life it really does help when mapping out your steps for what you are doing now and in the future. I love how he has people so involved in better themselves. This is exactly what I set out to do!! Living life on your terms is a wonderful thing. 

 I am also having a class that is now live on and I am really excited about it. Showing one of my favorite hair extensions technique if your in NY go by the site and register to be apart of the class. I’m steeping out on faith in a big way and I have open arms for what the universe has in store for me!!! 


I am also going to be launching my other favorite thing to do you want to Host Glam Party well you can just get you and a group of your girlfriends my Glam Team can bring to your location home, apartment, and/or hotel and you can Host a Glam party, Pamper party, Bridal Party, Mommy to be Party, Sweet 16 party, and even a Divorce Party!!! For more information on how you can get a FREE services just by hosting the party contact today in the subject put “Hosting Glam Party” and ask your questions and get more information!!! How much fun it that!!!

I am so excited for my life and my business I can hardly contain myself!!! Well I think I have made up for the few days I’ve missed and I will not miss another day of sharing with you. Enjoy your day until tomorrow later!!! 



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