The first secret to a successful Life is…

 Today was better for me then yesterday even though today hasn’t changed exactly how I’m feeling about finding my purpose and passion but I am breathing and taking action in finding out what I’m supposed to be doing in my life and in my career. I know I love doing hair so very much I love the feeling I get when after I have finished doing a beauty service on my client she can’t stop smiling and looking at herself in the mirror. I also love education and educating women in many different ways.


Through teaching beauty techniques so they can make themselves look and feel better by being able to do their own hair and makeup or by being able to do other people hair and makeup. Also giving education to women to empower and encourage them to be the best version of themselves that they can be. I have for many years given myself to others and have spent countless hours helping others to better themselves. I live for helping people. 

I was listening to a podcast today from Bevy Smith and she said to find your passion think back to when your were a young kid when you would play; what was the thing that you were passionate about what was the thing that you always wanted to do or pretend to be. She said as an adult to find your passion be that kid again and do what has always made you happy and feel good about. That made me think really hard about when I was a kid and how I felt about what gave me the most pleasure. 

 Now I feel I have a clearing understanding of my passion. Once the passion is found the purpose is right next door.  I know what I want to do I want to travel, do hair, teach, empower, and inspire women  to look and feel Glamourous on the inside and outside and to know that they deserve to be the very best THEM that they can be!!

Well thanks for listening again I hope I’m not to much trouble but you have no idea how much your really helping me and I hope in return I am helping someone too along the way. Please leave your comments below!! 

Good night 💋


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