Pushing Rewind

  Last month I made a very hard decision after a very long and emotional time at my former job. There is so much behind this story I will not go deep into it though. So I gave my notice to resign from my teaching position on June 25, 2015; my last day at my full time job that I was at for a couple years. I figure all of th signs are pointing to me to take a leap of faith and finally after 20 years of working for others go after my dreams of being an entrepreneur.


 I have always worked full time teaching beauty and my passion of transforming and inspiring women through hair and makeup services but it’s something I always did part time. Never taking a chance on me and my dreams always working hard to build another companies business up. But on that day 11 days ago I’m doing it. I’m finally taking that chance on me branding and giving Sandee  Creative Director and Visionary of Xtended Glam a voice!!! Will I miss everyone I had the opportunity to touch by sharing my knowledge and skills ABSOLUTELY but I know that this was something I had to do or I would die inside. That’s how I was feeling this move was a life or death decision and I wanted to leave and not just live but LIVE with PURPOSE & MEANING!!! 

I share so much of my knowledge for the beauty business helping people to grow as hairstylist and makeup artist pushing them to be the best artist in the beauty Industry and also personally by offering people advice. Giving people the motivation they need to keep going. When they are feeling down inspiring them that things are going to work out. Empowering them when no one else is there for them and telling them that they should not be doing what they are doing to better themselves. 

I remember what it was like going into the beauty industry with no cheerleaders in my corner. I know what it’s like to feel all alone with one one to turn to. I am that person to lift them up and push them to do better and be better. I would do whatever I had to do to always encourage my students or anyone that needed me. 

So this is my journey my new chapter!!! I am going to blog about my journey starting today July 6, 2015  whether I have something good or bad to blog about. I am going to share my good, bad, positive, negative, sad, happy, stressful days, productive day, everything and in doing so I hope this makes me a stronger, better, leader, and entrepreneur!!! I also want to empower, encourage, motivate, and inspire others that maybe going through this same journey that I’m taking right now. So please follow me and take this journey with me. 

I don’t really know what’s going to happen but I have faith and I am so excited for what’s to come.

Last Monday I was the hairstylist for the guest of The Nightly Show. It was 12 men from a gay male chorus. They were all so funny and it was a lot of fun too. Then to see the show later that night at home was even better. A very awesome time and experience as a freelance hairstylist and entrepreneur!! On Wednesday and Thursday I had two new clients for hair extensions and eyelash extensions which are the two beauty services that I love to do the most. 

Well here we go are you ready?? I am!!! Please leave your comments or questions below I would love to know if anyone is going through any life changing things as I am!!! If anything else is needed you can send your questions to info.xtendedglam@gmail.com and check out my website at http://www.xtendedglam.com


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