5 top reasons to TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK!!


This is my story the short version. I grew up in a single family household my mother worked herself to the bones to provide for my siblings and myself. I met my dad for the first by accident yup you heard right by accident. I was 12 playing outside when I seen this man that looked like me; well I look veryuch like him. I ran in the house told my mom I seen a man that looks just like me she said where show me. I took her outside and pointed in his direction and she looked then looked at me and said Sandee that’s your dad and we both just stood there.

 A few weeks later we met and I wanted to be around him every minute I could. One day I went to visit and he was his normal self drunk wasn’t a surprise to me anymore after having been around him for a while at the time this was very normal for him. Well what would happen next was very much a surprise he introduced me to this guy which was his girlfriends nephew and before I knew it the nephew and I was in the room together door closed and dad gone!!! Wait what!!! Oh my goodness by this time I’m 13 maybe 14 and this very adult guy is thinking the wrong things is going to happen. Thank god I got out of there somehow untouched the scariest moment of my young life. 

I more craziness to follow with him but I learned ever early how to deal with him. Because I hadn’t had him in my life long I just couldn’t walk away from him. We later became so very close after a very long and rocky relationship. 5 years after meeting him he was murder and taken away from senseless gun fire. 

Abuse was a common place in my life and something I have never even shared with my mother several friends of the family abused me as a young girl and teenager again I have never told until now. I found that even in my adult life this would follow me on relationships too. Because of keeping it all inside this lead to depression, suicide attempts more then I care to remember, low self esteem issues, and pretty anything negative that would fall my way.

It wasn’t until a failed marriage and an attempt on my life from my ex husband that I finally stood up and woke up. Enough is enough I said to myself and it was time to TAKE MY LIFE BACK!! 

 Such a bad picture but as you can see I was so excited!! I did hair for The Nightly Show!!  

So fast forward to today I love myself to no end. I am a passionate hairstylist and beauty teacher and I have devote my life to my passion and that is to reach and help as many people as possible through  beauty services and education. There’s so many people who have my same story the words maybe alittle different but the story is still the same. 

I started Hello Beautiful for this main reason to help others do what I did TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK and this happens through mentoring, events, motivating, encouraging, and inspiring. 

So the top 5 reason to TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK is:

1. You deserve it for yourself–one of the number one things is we never feel we deserve a better life but we do we always have and we always will. So never lower yourself or your standards.

2. Your smile gets BIGGER–I remember always hearing smile it can’t be that bad. Well little did they know it was that bad and I felt I had nothing to smile about so I didn’t do it much. But you do have a lot to smile about. Your alive!!! If you have children you have them!!! Your going to make it through just think you made it through the worst of times the best is yet to come if it haven’t came already!!

3. Passion–Passion will out weight any doubt you have in your mind and even fear!!! Whatever you have passion for will always come into your mind even when your trying to shake it off. So find your passion and run with it; you will be so happy you did.

4. Happiness–Happiness is always key!! Without true happiness within yourself you will never find happiness within anyone else. And happiness is across the board; happiness in yourself, your personal life, your business life, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, father, sister, brother, cousins, whom ever. It’s doesn’t matter find happiness be happy and your on your way.

5. Love–Love yourself more than you could ever love anybody else in your life. As they say Love makes the world go round!! I had a very hard time loving myself and it wasn’t until I learned to love myself is the very moment when my life started changing. Try it you’ll love it and you will love you!!!

So there you go a little bit about my story and I know I’m not the only one that have been affected by some type of negativity in your life. Just remember you are not alone and you don’t have to stay or be quite. Tell your story and share your feelings. I love feedback and all your comments so leave me your comments!!! Thank you for stopping by and keep in touch!! Stay strong, stay positive, stay strengthened, and most importantly TAKE YOIR LIFE BACK!!! 

I started #HelloBeautiful out of a necessity from my Passion for helping others to find their inner strength and their inner beauty through beauty services, encouragement, motivation, inspiring, workshops, events, and mentoring. You can help out by going to http://www.gofundme.com/xtendedglam no amount is to small. Your help is greatly appreciated!! 


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