Hello Beautiful


Can you think back to when you were growing up or maybe you were a teenager, young adult, or maybe it’s happened to you right now. The moment someone seen something in you and gave you a chance. That one chance that was given to you totally changed your life in such a positive way as the years have gone by you still remember that person or maybe people that took a chance and gave you sight to another way of living or a clear vision of your success.

Now this person could have been anybody and this chance for change could have been anything. Whatever it was and who ever it was they made a huge impact on the way your life turned out. Your in the career of your dreams. You are a more positive and productive person. Your traveling and you never thought that you would ever leave your home town. Or maybe it’s now you making a difference in someone’s life and your taking a chance on someone. 

Well I have that story someone seen something in me and pushed me in a direction that would forever make an impact in my life. I am a hairstylist and a beauty teacher for over 15 years now. However; I am more than a hairstylist and teacher I’m a life changer!!! With every client I have the pleasure of transforming through hair and makeup and with every student I get to share my knowledge with I know that I forever make a difference in their lives. 

That is so powerful and gives me so much Passion for the beauty industry and for what I do to give back every time I am given the opportunity to so. I couldn’t imagine do anything other then what I am doing right now today!!


I’m so passionate about what I do that I’ve started and it just in the beginning stages; an organization to do just what someone did for me and for countless others encourage, inspire, motivate, mentor, and give knowledge to females ages 12-25. 


This has been a dream of mine for a few years. I want to help change the lives and I will do this one young lady at a time. Would you like to help by donating any amount would help and no amount is to small please go to http://www.gofundme.com/xtendedglam and soon I would love donations of time, knowledge, and anything else that would be needed to help provide change in the lives that need a difference in their live. 

I provide hair and beauty services you can go to my website for more info or email me for more info at http://www.xtendedglam.com and info.xtendedglam@gmail.com

Please comment below any questions, comments, advice, or your story. Thanks for visiting have avoid day!!!


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