Momma you still GOT IT!!


Don’t let no one tell you any different!!! Don’t feel bad for wanting to look pretty!!! You have devoted your life to your babies and you can’t find time for yourself let alone go to the bathroom in peace. I know I know we as women, wives, and mothers seem to find time for everybody and everything but ourselves.

Once when everything beauty and fashion mattered now your lucky to find a t-shirt that fit properly and you actually care. Well I’m here to tell you now STOP!!!! Just because your priorities have changed don’t mean you have to change the things that use to matter to you. Not to mention your husband or your man is really over not having that women he feel in love with because of how she always keep herself on point. 


You can still be a momma and still have it too!!! You don’t have to give nothing up and still have it all. You can take 10-15 mins with a little mascara, liner, and a little something in the lips and be fine Ana fancy. 

The messy bun is still trending or a messy braid or fishtail and you have the perfect quick hairstyle on the go. You can dress in a flash with trending pieces of clothing like the joggers, anything with fringe, screen print tees or fashion forward tees period. 

So for even the momma that’s extremely busy with a very active family life you too can get it together in fashion forward style, hairstyle and beauty without a lot of effort. And look absolutely fabulous!!! Because hey “Momma you still got it”!!! 

If your in need of a change, transformation, tweek, or anything contact me today. I can customize a look just for you according to your want and need. No job is to small or to hard..this is what I have devoted my career to and I love transforming lives anyway I can!! I can be reached by email at or leave a comment below. Also you can check out my website at hope to hear from you soon.


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