“I’m FREE”.. Introducing Caitlyn Jenner!!!

 Image from RyanSeacrest.com

 The interview a couple months ago Diane Sawyer did with Bruce Jenner coming out to the world; I thought was as good as it gets until I went to my Instagram and almost every news feed and post was about Caitlyn on the front cover of Vanity Fair? 

Who the heck is Caitlyn so I did a little research..went to my Twitter account and BAM!! Caitlyn is none other than Bruce Jenner and he now she came out fully as Caitlyn with a awesome photo shoot  for the cover of Vanity Fair and came out to the world in a very big and Glam! 

I have to say she looks FREAKING FABULOUS!!! I mean WOWZER!!!  In the words of the famous rapper the Notorious B.I.G ” If you don’t know now you know”. 

Good for you Caitlyn Jenner good for you!! 

  Image from VanityFair.com

Whatever your going through and the battles you may have within yourself and also family friends and family. I say forget those people that are hurting you mentally and physically. I know it’s easier said they done but if your living a life your not happy with why continue to torture yourself with an empty heart and soul.

I know what it’s like to not live the life you want and to be the person you truly are. Remember life is way to short and you only get one life to live. I have devoted my career to helping people look on the outside how they truly feel on the inside through hair, makeup, and image consulting. My passion is to empower, motivate, and inspire those in need of my services.

  Image from lovebscott.com

The moment you start living for yourself is the moment you break free from the bondage and the chains of the things and the people that bound you down and keep you in hiding and in the closet! You won’t be truly happy until you too are FREE!!!

I specialized in hair extensions, custom color and cut, eyelash extensions, makeup application, image consulting, and personal shopping. I provide my services in my private studio in Brookyn, NY and I also travel and do home visits. 
If your looking for any of the beauty and personal imaging services I provide don’t hesitate to contact me today to make your appointment at 347-210-6619 by phone and info.xtendedglam@gmail.com by email. I’m looking forward to meeting and talking with you soon.

Please leave your comments or questions below..thanks


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