The 5 top  personality traits women find attractive in most men

Now we all know that personality is very important.  Almost more important then money! Well let me not get carried away lol.  Anyway, personality is very important. The way a person carries themselves says a lot about their character as well. 

Men have little things that they know if they want to be with a women or be around her. They use a rating system and if you fit in this little mold then your in..thumbs up way to made it to round 1!  Now to pass the next test and move on to round two. Men have all these expectations on how women is suppose to be pretty, long hair, big butt (if they’re a butt man), big boobs (if they’re a boob man), and so on. 

Well ladies it’s time we do the same thing!! Why settle for whatever and short changing ourselves just for the sake of having someone in our lives. It’s important that when you find that special someone that he is everything that you want. No matter if your looking for your soul mate, husband, boy toy, etc. he should be what you want. 

So I want to share “The 5 top personality traits women find attractive in most men”. Now you don’t have to agree with me these are just my thoughts and opinions. 

1. Family Man– A huge turn and attention grabber is a man that loves his family especially his MOM they always say if a man treat his mother like a Queen so too will he treat you!! If he’s all about family and will do anything for his family, when he starts his own family he will definitely make sure that everything is great!!! #familyovereverything

2. Drive– A man that has drive and see his future on a higher scale and won’t let the things of the past keep him down. He will set goals and truly work towards making those goals a reality. This is a man you want in your corner. Because if your drive is as strong as his and his drive is as strong as yours then you guys are going to consistently be pushing one another to meet those goals and build your empires!!! Two strong individuals make for an even stronger couple!!! 
  Pictured above my husband: shirt Macy’s, grey joggers(trending right now) Macy’s, sneakers black huaraches by nike, gold jewelry custom made, Apple Iwatch, Rayban sunglasses, and fresh hair cut local Brooklyn barber.

3. Sense of Humor–A man that is serious when he has to be and FUNNY too is an amazing combination and sometimes rare!! But a guy that has a great sense of humor and can make you laugh and others laugh too is a winner!!! I love a great joke just like the next person but to be able to sit back and laugh so hard you pee on yourself is a huge plus in my book!!!

4. Confidence–Now before you say anything I said Confidence not Cockiness!!! A confident man is a SEXY man. This man is comfortable in his own skin and his sexuality. You can tell a confident man in his body language. He’s not to proud to admit to his mistakes and he learns from them. A confident man isn’t jealous because he know how to treat a Queen!! Most importantly a confident man doesn’t have an Ego!!!

 Pictured above my husband again Notorious Big shirt Macy’s, black joggers Macy’s, sneakers white high top Air Force Ones by Nike, Apple Iwatch, speaker Beats wireless, custom made jewelry.

5. Fashion Sense aka Swagger–A man that can dress in my opinion is oh so sexy!!! A man that has a good fashion sense and take good care of himself is amazing. Grooming, smell good all the time, is fashionable, and take the time for daily or monthly maintenance. Is a man you should look at with a double take. I guess you could call him a Metro Sexual either way his appearance is very important to him but not so important that he would ignore your feelings. He want to look good for you!!!

  Pictured above my husband and myself. 

I love helping men and women to find their personal style through fashion, closet organization, personal shopping. wardrobe (clothing) analysis, hair, and beauty (makeup). I am a licensed Cosmetologist, Image Specialist, and Educator with many years of experience. I service NYC and surrounding areas, Georgia, Miami, Vegas, and LA. I have a studio in Brooklyn, NY and I also do home visits. 

 Well that’s my  take on “The 5 top personality traits women find attractive in most men”, again you can agree or not or please comment below on what you think of my top 5 list and also if you want to add to or whatever your feeling; please share below.  I would love to hear from others on your thoughts and feelings. 

If you want a change, looking for a transformation, a new and fresh start or start over. I welcome new clients and I love helping those that want my help. I work with both women and men. I can be reached by phone at 347-210-6619, email at, or my website


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