Be Sassy…and own IT!!!

For many years women have been told that it’s always better to be seen and not heard..well of course times have changed a lot and now not only are women being heard but we are the bread winners, CEO, business owners, decision maker, doctors, lawyers, teachers, wives, mothers, and anything else we want to be. 

Although women have come along way in society; there is still so many women that still can’t have their own voice, make their own decision, leave the home, or anything else that would give her power and empowerment. These women are many times bullied, abused both mentally and phsyically, and just plain ole torn down. 

I know the feeling and the life all to well. When I was finally freed from my “hell” I vowed to never let anyone have that much control of me and my life again. I started doing little things to make my self look and feel better. I started doing things to my hair so it looked good. I started wearing a little makeup (because ladies we all know if we look good we feel better!!), I started wearing clothing thy actually fit me and made me look like a women and not like a tomboy wearing big baggy clothes(that’s what I was made to wear so no one could see I had a womanly shape). 

But little by little I regained my self esteem back. I felt empowered, inspired, motivated, and most importantly I felt like a strong WOMEN!! I went back to school I got my licensed and became a Master Cosmetologist and Beauty School Teacher. I wanted to do for women that I did for myself and that has been my mission for 15 years now and I have never looked back!!!!

   A girl should be TWO things..Who & What she wants–Coco Chanel


Look created by me she is already fierce and fiery so I gave her a custom look to go with her personality. I did custom color, custom cut, with hair extensions. She looks absolutely amazing..if I do say so myself lol!!

This is what I live for my mission and Passion in life is to encourage, empower, inspire, motivate, and transform everyone that could use my professional skills. God gave me a gift and I intend on using it.

Look created my me I took her from black box color to this beautiful custom red orange hues that absolutely make her glow and this blue eyes OMG!! I also have her a custom cut to give more shape to her already beautiful wavy locs. I really loved doing this transformation on her!!!

Sometimes a shift in attitude can be major or it can be minor it all depends on what your needs arenas everyone is different. This isn’t a “One Size Fits All” type of thing. I have devoted my life to my business and to all of those that need me and could use my services!!

So Be the WOMEN that you were meant to be Sassy, Classy, Fierce, Sexy, etc. be all that and more. No matter if your a wife, mother, mommy to be, student, divorced, new career, starting over, or whatever. Do what you do, Be who you are, Don’t apologize, and Own IT!!!

I do house calls and I also have a private studio in Brooklyn give me a ring or send an email for further questions. Go to the service tab or my website and make your appointment today!! You have put everything and everyone first and before it’s your turn!!

Please comment below for any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns

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