Day 1

As promised this is Day 1 of my experiment to do something everyday that is going to help make my dream of my business to come to life.

Yesterday evening a friend and myself went to a business meet up and it was hosted by Wix at the Wix Lounge in NYC. The meet up was great it was by two young ladies that started a PR Agency called Small Girls PR and the meet up was called “Be your Own PR”. It was very helpful listening from people that have done the leg work and hustled hard to get their start up company off the ground and running. Staying focused even when they didn’t know if the company was gonna make it or not.

The meet up really gave my more motivation and inspired me to keep going and really get and stay focused on my business. I want to be very successful. My dream can’t come to life if I don’t work hard to make everything come to life.

If you are or have felt like me not knowing if what your working towards is worth the non sleep your getting and so on just know that if thoughts don’t leave your mind then it is definitely what you should be doing!!! Stay focused and keep working towards your goal!!!!


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