My Life in NYC

So I have decided to do an experiment with myself and as I do this experiment I decided I wanted to do a journal but in a different way. I am going to share my life, my journey, and my development on this platform which is my blog.

I often dream of living a certain type of lifestyle and dream job and so on and so on. You know the typical “All American Dream” well I have been dreaming this dream for over 20 years and all I have to show is some very great clients over the years I have services and some great people I’ve met along the way.

I look at other people and I see their drive. I seen how hungry they are and how they thought of their dream, goal, or even passion; took it from their mind to paper and then made their dream a reality and they haven’t even been doing whatever it is for very long 1-3 years if that.

What made their thirst so hungry that they didn’t stop until they was there looking their dream dead in the face saying “I Did It!” What gave them that drive to not stop it quit even when they was so tired and questioning themselves as they are hustling to make it work, to find money to pay the light bill that’s getting ready to get shut off. What do they have that I don’t have? I have been in the beauty industry for a very long time and even though I make REALLY good money teach beauty and hair and I have my little side hustle doing hair; I still am not satisfied I am not at all where I want to be.

My dream or goal when I uprooted my family to NYC was not to work for no one I wanted to find a salon build my clients for about 6 months to 1year then go and up my own space but I found myself back in the same situation that I always put myself in. In a full time job teaching make a good yearly and steady income with benefits, 401k, and weekends off and my whole dream and goal for moving to NYC vastly went out the window. Now 4 years later I’m sitting back dreaming that same dream from 4 years prior. When does it stop when do I get tired of working for someone else? Building another companies brand, empire, MONEY!!! I’ll tell you when NOW!!!!

Two women that I follow on Instagram really have inspired and motivated me and they don’t even know it one was my former student when I lived in Atlanta her Instagram name is @HairbyDanni she is the owner of an Atlanta salon called @HairbyDanniStudio she’s amazing and a very great business women. The other women is @IamMing she has grown so much and so fast it’s crazy how amazing she is as well. Ming has taken what she loves (hair and marketing) and has built her empire another Atlanta salon Snob Life Studio @SnobMobb. Both amazing women both amazing at what they do.

So what I am going to commit myself to is no matter what no matter how I’m feeling that day. I worked long hours, I’m tired, I don’t have nothing to say, I don’t feel
like working on my brand. I am going to do it anyway!!! For the next 6 months I will be tracking my day to day I will always be doing something to work towards building up my brand and my business. So I hope I gain some followers along my journey I hope that I will motivate and inspire someone along the way. If anyone have any positive comments, thoughts, and or ideas share. So are you ready to watch my ride…I am let’s go!!


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