Survivors all have a Story!!!!!

So the other day I was scrolling through the different social media sites and I ran across two women that caught my eye. As I’m reading their post and looking at their pictures that they have posted up on their pages I just read and looked in awe. The strength that these two women have is amazing.

Shondia is a Breast Cancer Survivor she was diagnosed at the age of 36 she said she had no lumps, no discomfort, no discharge, nothing to make her think she had breast cancers it was just a little voice in her head that told her to go and get a mammogram. She said two weeks later she received the news she had breast cancer in both breast she then made the decision to have both breast removed and she didn’t want any implants out in, have reconstructive surgery, or wear any prosthesis. She made the decision to go BREASTLESS and she is so humble, inspiring, motivating, empowering, and happy LIVING her LIFE to the fullest.

The other women that I found on social media and was so inspired by is Andrea she is a Burn Survivor. She and her brother Kendall was burned in a home gas explosion on August 24, 2001 and life as they knew it would be changed forever. She speaks about how going through the recovery period and after she had low self-esteem from having the scars; she would walk around with her head down, depression set in. She couldn’t fathom the reality of how her skin looked and the pain she had to get through she said was devastating!!! Andrea said her turning point was when the doctor told her if she didn’t hold her head up he was going to have to put a neck brace on her for support. That’s the day she knew that if she didn’t stop with the negative thoughts and feelings she would never recover mentally and that’s the day she started LIVING knowing that she was saved to help others that are going through the same thing.

These two women are such strong women and I love the fact that they took something positive out of a very tragic life changing experience and they are using themselves as vessels to help others that may be going through the same thing that they have gone through.

I encourage everyone to go visit these two amazing women and fully read their stories and find out more about them and their foundation and organizations and donate and help out if you can.

Andrea on her Instagram page it’s Beyondscars_

Shondia on her Facebook page it’s Boldandbreastless




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