NYC Pizza in NC

This is a quick post I wanted to share about this amazing pizza spot. There’s this pizza place where NYC meets Goldsboro, NC. Every time we visit my husbands mom we always have to stop by and get either a slice or a whole pizza pie. I’m not a big pizza eater but when I do have some pizza it has to be GREAT and of course living in NYC finding GREAT pizza is like hailing a yellow cab there everywhere lol.

BROOKLYN PIZZERIA the name of the spot is far better then GREAT it’s AMAZING!!! The owners are true Italians the family moved from Brooklyn, NY to Goldsboro, NC about 1991 opened up the pizzeria and have been in business ever since. I have not had pizza so good in my life and this is true. The slices are true NY style too; one slice is as big as your face lol maybe not that big but pretty close.

I know not many people take trips to Goldsboro but if for some reason you find your way there or maybe someone reading my blog lives there or close by go to Brooklyn Pizzeria in Goldsboro, NC in the Walmart shopping center and check them out
There’s only one Walmart so you are sure to find it with no problem lol.

Oh yeah and they make more then pizza they have other Italian eats as well. Bon Appetite!!!



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