DIABETES— The Silent Killer

Friday my family and I had the scare of our life. My oldest daughter called her boyfriend asking him if he was coming home soon from work because she felt like she needed to go to the hospital. She had been feeling weird all week and she now was having pain in her chest and throughout her entire body. About 30 minutes later her boyfriend tried to call her back and no answer. We tried calling her nothing. Finally he made it home and she was in bed but barely responsive to his voice. He rushed her to the hospital and after lots of test we have come to find out my daughter is diabetic her blood sugar levels when she got to the hospital was 1100 and it should have been 100.

Because of the high levels for so long everything else in her body started to be affected as well like her kidneys which is major. She is doing a little bit better but she has a long road ahead of her. She is now insulin dependent and her entire life has to change in order to keep her healthy and alive. The test results came back that she has type 1 Diabetes which means she was born with it but she’s never had any signs until now at age 22.

My mother suffers from diabetes as well she’s had it for about 16 years and she has fought a good fight to stay healthy. I know change isn’t always easy but when it comes to your health change is a MUST!!! Watching your sugar intake is very important; there are many foods that turn into sugar and we don’t even realize it. Some fruits and vegetables go in our bodies one way and then it breaks down into a sugar and if you are not aware of this over time it can affect you in a bad way and not just weight gain. Exercise is extremely important as well to go along with proper eating and watching your carb intake is important to.

Don’t think it can happen twice in your family with whatever “it” is but to have it happen twice and the second person being my 22 year old daughter. I’m just thankful that she is alive and in the long road to recovery she will be alright!!! My last words are don’t take nothing your body is going through for granted or say to yourself it’s nothing it will go away because you never know. Go to the doctor and get checked out its better to be safe now then to be sorry later.


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