5 Hair Extensions Must!!

Hair extensions use to be a hidden secret that most women would rather die first than to admit she wore hair extensions. Now women are asking each other OUT LOUD and in public. Hair extensions are the hottest and most sought out service next to getting their hair colored. What’s color without a beautifully blended head of hair extensions.

Although hair extensions are just about a must for most women and extensions have actually changed and transformed many women’s lives; hair extensions are also what we call in the hair world an INVESTMENT!!! With a desire to have blended undetectable beautiful extensions and yes you should. You must also know and understand that “GREAT extensions aren’t CHEAP and CHEAP extensions aren’t GREAT”!! So remember that the next time your thinking about getting extensions and you shy away from someone that you think is to expensive and then you go to someone cheaper and it goes wrong. Breakage and major damage to the hair and scalp has happened to some. Don’t be a victim!!! So here I’ve listed 5 important things you should be aware of when getting Hair Extensions!!!!

1. Are you a good candidate for Extensions?
There are many different techniques out there. Do you know the different techniques? If so what technique are you interested in? Can you have extensions and if so which kind is best for your hair type and texture?

2. What kind of hair is best?
The best hair is not going to be cheap but if taken care of properly it will last you up to 6months and some as long as 12 months. Depending on texture and length price for hair can be from $100-$600 or more. The best hair to get is 100% human hair (Remy which is hair that is going all in the same direction–one directional hair) this type of hair creates less if no tangles or shedding.

3. Daily activity/Lifestyle
What’s you daily living like? Are you extremely active ex. Gym, runner, professional working women, or a busy mom, etc.. It matters because it will let the extension specialist know how to customize your install of your extensions and what instructions to give you for at home maintenance.

4. Color/Cut Blend
The right color and cut to blend is what makes the extensions look the most natural. To have you hair and the extensions custom colored and cut to blend will give you a seamless blended extension install. Even if no coloring is needed the right color to match with your natural hair color is a must. No one will know you have extensions unless you tell!!

5. Hair Products!!!
To give your extensions the longest lasting look and wear the right products will make the different of having extensions that look beautiful on the first day until 6-9 months later when it’s time to buy new hair. Caring for your extensions is a MUST use sulfate free shampoo, moisture balanced conditioner, leave in conditioner for a refresher once or twice a month, shine drops like diamond oil or argon oil by Redken, gloss drops by Paul Mitchell, moroccan oil that’s the company name too just to name a few. Take care of your extensions and they will last a very long time.

So I hope these 5 important things to know about hair extensions helped you in your decision in getting extensions. They are the best thing since slice bread and for fine thin hair that won’t grow pass a certain length. Hair extensions are amazing. So do your research find out the ones you like and what may work for you and go for it get your hair extensions.

If you are looking for a qualified hair extensions specialist contact me Sandee I have master my craft over 20 years experience and I’ve trained with some of the best in the industry. My website is http://www.xtendedglam.com or leave a contact below and let’s see if you are a good candidate for extensions.



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