Giving a Gift

As we end the month of September and go into the month of October I can’t help but think about the women that will celebrating October with a prayer and many smiles because they are fighters and or survivors of breast and or ovarian cancer.

I had this scare just a few months ago. This is a personal message and has always touched my heart dearly. I want to give a gift to a few women that have been affected by Breast/ Ovarian cancer. For the entire rest of the year starting October 2014 until December 2014; I want to honor 2 women per month with hair and makeup transformations!!! More detailed giving after I receive your contact info.

Send contact information to me by leaving a comment below or email me at or visit my website send me a message for either yourself or someone you know that could really use this gift with name and contact info.

Let’s work together don’t just like this without taking action. I am in the NYC area; you must be in the NYC area as well or the person you are nominating. I will travel as well.

Fight for a CURE!!! IMG_8163.JPG


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