Hair extensions

If your looking to get longer thicker hair or maybe you like your hair length you just want fuller hair. Well now you don’t have to wait years for your hair to grow. With the different techniques for hair extensions out there your waiting days are over.

My favorite technique for the best blending natural hair and extension hair; both fine hair and medium to thick hair is the beaded weft extensions. With the NBR (natural beaded rows) extensions 1 row no more then 3 rows are installed using hand tied hair and stacking them to customize beautiful naturally blended hair extensions. It looks so natural no one will not know its not your real hair.

The other technique I like is the micro links these extensions are strand by strand and they give a natural look to the hair as well. You have versatility with micro links because they are single strands attached to the natural hair you can do many different hairstyles. You get both length and fullness or just length or just fullness.

Then there’s always the tried and true sew in extensions this technique is good for all hair types and you can braid the whole head and do a full sew in or just half the head and do a partial sew in. The choice is yours!!!

I specialize in hair extensions and I have spent many years researching, studying, and perfecting my craft to give my clients new or loyal the best service possible.

For more info contact Sandee with Xtended Glam



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