Artist to LOOK out for!!!!!

So my goal is to reach as many girls and women as possible to keep them motivated, empowered, and encouraged!!! I work in an industry where creating magic is the Passion of most whether you are a hairstylist, makeup artist, model, photographer, singer, rapper, etc. We all came into this industry for a reason and every bodies reasons are or may not all be the same but none the less we came and we stayed because of our PASSION for the industry and what we do it.

I know a young lady that has in a very short time has made a MAJOR i mean MAJOR impact in the industry and I wanted to share her passion and success with my followers in hopes that it may encourage you to either keep pushing forward if you are or get discouraged or get started if you always had dreams and goal of being apart of this amazing industry that I share with so many other talented individuals.
Remember her name and her face because you will be seeing a lot of her and hearing her name buzz around often. This is Asari Duke and this is her story!!!!

I guess you could say most of the things I asked and prayed for have happened. I’ve always been a big dreamer and will continue to dream in vivid color. There are many beginnings to my career path that pinpointing one isn’t doing any justice. Essentially, it all started in my parent’s garage in late Spring 2012. My mother had a great idea to get some friends together to discuss how we could build our portfolios. Then we started having photo shoots in the garage with friends as models and a team of photographer, stylist, hair, makeup, and behind the scenes footage person. In 2013 I decided to go to Make-up School for a program to learn in depth about Fashion, Hair, Beauty, and Special Effects.
Once graduation came around I made a promise to myself that nothing would stop me from achieving my goals. I’m currently working on my first independent film as Key Makeup for the Hair and Makeup Department (amongst other projects in the works). I would like to join the local 798 when I have enough call sheets under my belt.

What I want everyone to know is that I didn’t stop until I got enough and I still haven’t gotten enough! Your dreams will become reality if you believe in yourself.”

Asari Suzanne Duke


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