Start with Flawless Skin

Skin care should be one of your top priorities along with taking care of your body and hair. Having flawless skin starts with having a great skin care regimen. It doesn’t matter if you are a makeup wearer or not; no matter if you wear no makeup, a little makeup, or a lot of makeup what your skin looks like underneath it all really matters. The better your skin is the more flawless of a finish you will have if you do wear makeup and will allow you to wear none or very little if you don’t want to.

I have a simple skin care regimen and this is what works for me I wear very little makeup and some days none at all. I’m an eye girl so I love to play up my eyes and I don’t wear foundation at all I do wear a little blush from time to time just for a bit of color to my overall appearance. But as I said I have options if I want to wear full makeup I can but I don’t have to and I like having that option.

Twice a day I do this: I wipe my face with makeup wipes to help break up all or any dirt and makeup; then I wash my face with MAC green gel cleanser it’s fabulous it gets all the dirt and makeup off your face. I then tone with old fashion Sea Breeze and a cotton round, then moisturize with MAC studio moisture cream. Once or twice a week depending on how my skin is looking I exfoliate with MAC volcanic ash exfoliator it is a great exfoliator to help remove the old skin and help to allow the new skin to renew its self. Always follow up with moisture to help keep the skin soft and smooth.

By taking care of your skin this will allow your makeup to go on more smoothly and flawlessly as well. You will truly love the skin your in.



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