Being NORMAL is Boring

I’m a very private person but I know everybody has a story and if my story can or could help another women out there I don’t mind sharing. So as I am strolling through Instagram I come across one of my most favorite people in the beauty industry Damone Roberts “The Brow King” if you don’t know him well you should be shame lol no seriously go google him he is AMAZING!!! He wrote something on his Instagram page that really hit home for me and I was like WOW that is great that he would share that little piece about himself and I knew it hit many others as well because it hit me. I also lived the same life growing up to. I was so touched by his words I ask him if I could share his words on my blog for others to see and read knowing that someone else would also be touched by his words just as I was and he said yes well he gave me the thumbs up lol.

So the words you read next is from Damone Roberts I hope it touches you just like it touched me and gives you hope and strength to get up and keep moving in the right direction. All things are possible as long as you are hungry!!!!

“I often felt alone growing up. I was always that artsy kid that no one really understood. I always had many friends, but few that could relate to me, or that I could relate to. My escape was Art! All types of Art….Painting, Movies, Music & Theater. Finally being around a community of others who understood that being different, was actually not so different at all. It’s important to let people be who they are, and not who you want them to be. I’ve learned that what makes you different, is what sets you apart. Be yourself & the rest will follow. Encourage children you see being picked on for being unique. They need positive examples. It’s amazing how much stronger one gets when someone believes in them. You can make a difference.” Damone Roberts



2 thoughts on “Being NORMAL is Boring

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