Best Hair Extensions for FINE HAIR!!!

I’ve been a hair extension specialist for over 20 years and I have tried many different types of hair extension techniques; many I like a lot and many I don’t care if I ever do it again. However last year while doing my research on hair extensions I came across a lady name Danielle K. White that specialize in a very special type of hair extensions and she created a technique called NBR or Natural Beaded Rows this technique is very unique and a great technique for women who have fine hair that want fuller and/or longer hair without the damage and stress that most hair extensions can cause fine and fragile hair. This is the best type of hair extensions for women with fine hair because it causes less stress on the hair and reduces the possibility of breakage. The best part about this technique is more hair less rows of extensions in the hair equals fuller hair and/or longer hair with less possibilities of breakage or damage to the natural hair. I absolutely love this technique and for women with fine hair it is fabulous!!! The hair that is used has a much thinner weft so multiple pieces can be stacked together thus creating fuller and/or longer hair in a faster and safer manner then any other technique out there. This is the most amazing hair extension technique ever and I am so glad to be certified to offer it. Believe me ladies once you have had NBR you will wonder how you ever had any other extensions put into your hair. Contact me if you are interested in getting NBR or you have more questions about NBR. Also for your chance to see if your a candidate for NBR contact me by phone or email. Can’t wait to make your hair fabulously fuller and longer!!!


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