The beginning of something Glam…


So I’ve been trying to figure out, read, and, research way to start a successful blog since for the past year or so I’ve had it on my heart to start a blog. I have talked to others for advice and looked at some other successful bloggers to see how they have it set up and what they are doing. And with all the researching that I have done I finally have come to the conclusion that I just really need to be ME period and if I capture an audience that will follow my blog and find it useful, enlighten, and needed for them I will be and have a successful blog. So here I go with the start of what I hope to be of some substance for others.

I am by nature a giving person and I love to help others. When I was growing up in my family it wasn’t a common place to really show emotions of really any kind so when life happened we always held everything in. As a child I was abused both physically and mentally and never shared with my mom or anybody else for that matter for fear that I would one get the person in trouble ( which they should have been in lots of trouble) or fear that I wouldn’t be believed; so quite I kept it. and through my life bad things happened. Not having my father in my life until I turned 18 years old I think had a lot to do with my growing life as well. I looked for the love and attention from people that I shouldn’t have given my life to. My childhood into adulthood really took a beating. My self esteem was very low. I didn’t think or felt I was strong or could be alone. The people in my life beat me down mentally which sometimes I feel mental abuse is worse then physical abuse because the people mess with your head. Anyway, my life was not good at all but I was a great pretended.

Fast forward to many years later watching my two beautiful daughters grow up and looking to me as their strength and with some great women that later became my friends I was able to finally realize my worth. I am beautiful, I am strong, I creative, I am everything that I thought I wasn’t. I started standing taller, walking stronger, feeling prettier, and most importantly EMPOWERED!!!! I went into the beauty and fashion industry and that was when it all came together. I had found my purpose, my passion. Educating others to do what they love in the beauty industry and empowering girls and women!!! That is the best feeling in the world to transform and empower people (girls and women) that was once or still is in my shoes.

You may not think that you are BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED, SEXY, GLAMOROUS, SMART, INTELLIGENT, WORTHY but you are. Have you ever have a dream or goal and you have put it off or to the side because someone talked you out of it or said that’s stupid, your never gonna make money doing that, or be successful. Well I am here to give you encouragement and empower you to go for it. Do a little at a time, have patience, be focused, be serious, be persistent, and don’t stop be hungry. I was there once a lot of other women was there once. Do the thoughts keep coming back, are you always thinking of being a hairstylist, makeup artist, educator, photographer, singer, comedian, fashion designer, whatever your passion is. Be inspired and empowered today to DO YOU!!

So this blog my blog is for those girls and women who need to have that push to just DO YOU!! I will have share inspiration from myself and from other girls and women, interviews from upcoming industry people and those that are already successful in the industry, beauty, fashion, music, etc reviews, and anything else that I think will give someone the push, inspiration, motivation, insight, and fire to move in the right direction and pursue her passion; from people in the beauty, fashion, and entertainment industries. I want to reach girls and women from far and wide, locally, nationally, and internationally. I am my own person it took a long time to find out who Sandee is and she’s different, funny, crazy, a little OCD, a little on the thin side, dark skin, dread locs, a black sheep, creative, edgy, glamour, sexy, and sweet. I said al that to say BEING NORMAL IS BORING!! so have fun be who you are don’t apologize, don’t be a shame, and don’t hold back NOTHING!!!

Have a very Glam’d day


2 thoughts on “The beginning of something Glam…

  1. It takes courage and strength to do what you just did and I am very proud of you and this is a voice to all young girls who have walked that road don’t stay silent and believe in yourself we are all unique and special in our own way and we all have a worth and a place in this world


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